Federal Style

Two years ago, we were retained to decorate a Back Bay condo on the first block of Marlborough Street. At the time, we were not allowed to professionally photograph the finished project nor use it in any of our publicity. Recently, it came to our attention that the property was on the market showing photographs of the finished interior and we felt free to at least talk about the project here on our blog. As you will see, the existing architecture was gorgeous, thus our scope of work was furniture, fabrics, and selective decorative lighting, artwork and accessories.

Programmatically, our charge was to design/create stylish, easy, comfortable living areas in a traditional setting. Design the first level for entertaining large groups of people. The second level was intended for personal family living/relaxing and bedrooms. (Sally had a ball!!!)

Dining area.

LivingRoom/Parlor with it’s original chandelier for the mid 1860’s. Can’t you imagine a hosting party here, with a small quartet playing the background?


A few vignette snapshots taken during installation.



Note the corner of the custom sectional sofa Sally designed for the space. A true kitchen lounge!

Library on Second Level with it’s original restored paneling. The perfect place to wind down at the end of the day!

My biggest regret is that I never saw nor do we have a photo of the lovely custom console with a built in TV lift I designed that was placed in the living  room, so beautifully fabricated by Hawkes and Huberdeau.

This piece deserves a separate post on it’s development.

(If I can corner Sally for a moment, I’ll come back and add info on furniture manufacturers, etc.)



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Over the weekend, Sally and I learned that Trends magazine included the kitchen we designed as part of a larger renovation of a classical 1804 Federal Period home in their Top 50 American Kitchens 2013/2014.

The renovated home.

The Trends article can be read here

A blog post I wrote in June on the home can be found here.

For contrast, the kitchen space the day our client took possession of the house.


A few other before/after images.

All the mantels were buried in the garage. We had to figure out which went where.

The front parlor.

The dining room, before/after.

I did not realize that it had been three months since I posted. Guess that’s what flat out 7 days a week will do to your blogging routine some times.



This is a rendering done by Eric Daum AIA, Merrimack Design Associates, of the exterior of the house in which we’re designing the Belgian/French/Continental style kitchen. The bar has been set high!


Have a great day!

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