I am going to preface this post by first saying a huge THANK YOU to David Webster and his “gang” at Webster & Co. for making this all possible!  Sally and I can only begin to imagine the time and energy it took…  Sally is going to co-write this piece with me, so you will also hear her voice.

We’ve saved the best for last, not counting the restaurants, food and wine, which would involve several more posts… (We’re happy to oblige.)  We were so impressed with the Nobilis Paris showroom layout and fabrics, we visited it twice. First, to simply take in the lovely new fabric lines. Second to meet with Eric Valero, their Creative Director, where we had an opportunity to discuss their new lines in more detail.

Eric Valero, Nobilis Creative Director and Sally Wilson; photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Sally particularly liked the great discussion she had with Eric, which ranged from why Nobilis uses particular mills for particular products, to the availability of yards and threads throughout the recent economic recession.

While we were chatting with Eric, the President of Nobilis, Denis Halard, dropped by to say “Hello.” We played dress up with their new fabric offerings…

John Kelsey; Eric Valero, Nobilis Creative Director; Denis Halard, Nobilis President; photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Their vignettes presented the fabrics beautifully! Sally notes the deep richness of color they are showing. Very saturated.

Nobilis vignette, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Paired below is a soft color, of a rich cut velvet, but with that saturated hue in the toss pillow.

Nobilis vignette, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Can’t you just picture yourself here? Here we are in the upstairs Nobilis lounge. A riot of color, but so sophisticated and assured. No color fear here.

Nobilis vignette, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Rich, deep colors. tones and textures…  Love that pop of yellow in the cording!

Nobilis vignette, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Other color ways of the fabric shown in the above toss pillow.

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

An example of their gauffrage velvet, which gives an upscale look to absolutely Anything!

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

I love their new look to their scenes. This is a printed pattern, and look how detailed it is, and how rich the colors are. You almost want to pluck a leaf from that tree, it is so real. There is a freshness to the scenes – nothing directly out of the China of the past, and yet the scenes are of past Chinese life. You have to see it and feel it to realize the difference.

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Here I am admiring, and feeling, one of my favorites: a large geometric. This is so classic, you can never get tired of it, and yet it is fresh and new, with its bold scale, and its subtle color variations.

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

A fabric type that Nobilis does so well – the textured stripe. A velvet stripe coexists with a soft tone on tone texture, and then that stripe of cut fibers creating an almost fringe! Fantastico! Formidable!

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

We were also invited to an intimate wine tasting in an apartment around the corner from the showroom, which gave John an opportunity to view the interior architecture of a smaller scale Paris residence.


Nobilis wine tasting, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

The apartment door was very narrow. John was very excited to see the very same trim profiles we had seen in Versailles and the Louvre.

Nobilis wine tasting, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Sally was ready to move in…  (Why not?)

Sally Wilson at Nobilis Wine Tasting, photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Hope you enjoyed our show room tour!


sally and John

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For the past three weeks we have been talking about what design decisions we have made on the apartment we are working on in Munich, Germany. It’s under construction now. I can’t wait to see it finished! Although small, it will pack a big punch.

Today, let’s cover the master bedroom. See the color palette of materials I selected?

Munich apartment materials selection


See the bedroom on this floor plan in upper right corner.Munich apartment plan Wilson Kelsey Design

For a small apartment, the bedroom is a nice size. Plenty of room for a king size bed, and a few storage bureaus, and a chair and a half for curling up and reading. Look at this great bed we found. The client loves it.bed selected for Munich apartment

I love the tone it sets for the room – romantic, but clean and simple. I think it will look fabulous centered upon a lush white wool carpet, which sits upon the dark oak floors.

The white carpet has a cut and loop construction giving it a linear pattern. Just so nice and subtle. It sits on dark brown oak flooring.

wool carpet for master bedroom Munich


Drapery will be important in this room, as they will be needed for black out and privacy functions. The client loves nature, trees and plants, so we are using soft greens in the bedroom, along with white, to create that peaceful feeling for her. The drapery has a light linen feel, with a natural linen background, white stripes in a herringbone pattern, and two shades of green stripes. (see above)

The bed will have pure white Frette linens with white duvet cover. Splash will be added with shams and toss pillows in this patterned fabric.

accent pillow fabric for bedroom Munich

I love the cream and yellow-gold, which has the patterned outlined in green. That simple little outline adds so much depth and sophistication to this fabric. It is also soft and tactile.

The oversized reading chair will be upholstered in this soft green textured fabric. I love its diagonal lines forming 1 1/2″ squares. It also has a soft hand.   reading chair fabric for Munich apartment bedroom

The paint color for this room is a very soft, sage green. It has to be very subtle so it keeps the room restful, but interesting. This Benjamin Moore “Doily” is just right.   Bedroom paint color

This will be a room that I would love to stay in! If I walked into a hotel room and found the above scheme, I would say to myself, “Oh, am I lucky to be here!” Now let’s check out flights to Munich, right away! Are you with me?

Sally Wilson, ASID Boston award winning designer




For the past several weeks we have discovered what some of John’s and my solutions are for a new apartment in Munich, Germany. Today we’ll cover what we’re doing with the entry-foyer. This is a tiny, city-dwelling, and the foyer is very small, with traffic patterns in 3 directions! In addition, there are two floor to ceiling windows, which offer great light, but little wall space. How can we make our clients and their guests feel welcomed when they come through the door?

Floor Plan Munich apartment

First of all, there are the practical necessities. You need somewhere to put down your bag, to put down your keys, to store your coat, and to remove your shoes and change into “indoor shoes/slippers”. This is a common European habit/way-of-life. (I notice that our American city dwellers are also becoming more like this.) So you need someplace to sit, someplace to store, someplace to set down.

Then there are the artistic necessities. How do you put forth the subliminal message “Come in. Rest, Relax, Be happy. This is going to be a wonderful experience for you.”? We do that by paying attention to possible focal points, welcoming colors, and sensuous textures. And we don’t ask the space to work too hard, so that all the beauty is pushed out of it.

For this foyer we are actually establishing the beautiful focal point in the next room – which you see through full length glass doors, just beyond the little entry. (We covered that in last week’s blog about Munich, click here to see.) We are keeping furnishings to an absolute minimum, so as not to feel crowded. And we are keeping materials simple, but lush and sensual.

materials selected for foyer Munich

The two full length windows (which open up like French doors to let breezes in) we are covering with a simple, partly sheer white drapery fabric. Small natural iron drapery rods and French pleats. The floors, like the floors throughout the apartment, are a dark brown stained oak. Our colors will be dark brown and white. Crisp, clean, simple.

Furnishings: we’ll keep it to just one chair and one custom designed bench-cum-storage cubes, cum display area for plants or flowers. But I love the way the chair is sculptural – sloped side rails and no arms, for that no – fuss look. It’s the fabrics that just turn this into a little jewel!

foyer sitting chair

The sculptural chair is in a velvet, cut into 3/4″ squares so that it almost looks quilted. We’ve kept the furnishings simple, but we upped the ante with wonderful fabrics.

With the drapery in filmy white, I wanted the custom bench to be in a white leather. Very durable, but easy care. Whether grocery packages or shoes get set down on it, it can take a beating. This is our first rough sketch of what that custom piece may look like.

Wilson kelsey design custom ottoman

I just can’t wait to get this apartment built so that we can see how wonderful everyone’s reaction will be! We’ll let you know.

Sally Wilson ASID

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