First, a little business… While I was away, about 7 of your comments ended up in my spam folder. All have been approved and posted – and hopefully that little problem has been rectified… Now on to my trip!

Let me just say, I’d go back tomorrow… After driving for two days, including one ferry ride across the only fiord in North America where I saw a Beluga Whale (It happened so fast I didn’t have a chance to take a picture.) we arrived at our cabins overlooking the St. Lawrence River in the small village of Baie Trinite.


Each morning, we were greeted with glorious sunrises, except for the two mornings I got up at  “o’dark thirty” in the morning to drive north to fish the Penecote and the Aux Rouchers Rivers. (The sacrifices we make in the name of fun…)


On the other days, after a hearty breakfast we’d pile on our cars and drive to the the entry gate to the river where we met our guides for the day and head off to our respective pools for the day.


I missed a nice salmon in this pool.

Salmon pool on the Trinite River


I hooked and lost a salmon in this pool on the Penecote River. I was so surprised and excited, I just stood there thinking, “OMG!!! There’s a salmon on the other end of the line!!!” and never set the hook… It was a very short encounter…


The Aux Rouchers River. The only access to this river was via canoe and we had to get up at 2:30 in the morning to meet our guides, get on the river in order to the “good spots” by 5 AM.


Loading the canoe at 5 AM…


Bob, a local fisherman, fighting a salmon.


Here I am fishing :-)


At the end of each day, we sat on the cabin porch and enjoyed the view. It was a visual feast taking in the many moods of the river and sky.





By now, you’re probably wondering where the pictures of fish are… I caught 2 sea run brook trout on the morning of the first day.They were the only fish the entire group caught the entire week!!! I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures and then rationalized by thinking, “Not a problem, I’ll catch more.” HA!!!! Our guides, organized by Jocelin Le Blanc owner of Landmark Fly shop in Port Cartier, were superb, putting us over fish each day. We simply couldn’t tease the fish kin to biting. When they did, none of us were quick enough to set the hook… In spite of that, I would go back tomorrow, we had such a good experience.

Now it’s back to reality… And helping put the final details on our son’s wedding in early August. Life is good!


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In the spirit of such a beautiful weekend, rather than put up the post I had written about the new Beta Plus books that arrived this past week, it felt much more appropriate sharing some of the photographs I’ve taken of various flowers in our yard this spring and summer.

I love our Kousa Dogwood.

One of our spring rhododendron.

A few of my favorite iris.

Our summer day lilies.

My favorite!

Black-eyed Susan.  They make me think of our family camping trips in the Adirondack Mountains.

Have a great weekend everyone! I started mine by getting up at 3 AM this morning and going striped bass fishing. The sky was so clear and the moon so bright, I felt I could see from here to Portugal – and the surise was breath taking . (And I caught a few stripers, too!)