Last week I shared with you some of my favorite summer hats. Here are more of my favorite shapes and colors.

Once I ran across this striking orange hat at Talbots. I just couldn’t say No. I actually wear it a lot, in spite of its being a difficult color: orange. With imagination you can do anything. It looks fabulous with chartreuse green. And if you don’t own a pair of chartreuse (or lime) summer flats, then hurry out and buy some. They make life exciting! Magenta pink flats and this orange hat are great together, too.

broad brimmed hats

My current favorite Orange Hat

Likewise my love of this unusual green hat. It is lime green, or chartreuse, depending upon what you like to call it. In summer, lime green is a natural. You’d be surprised how many things you have in your closet that look smashing with a topper of lime green. (Of course, I am afraid of nothing.)

Lime green hat

My favorite lime green hat

My absolute favorite “classic” hat is a Peter Beaton, which I purchased in Nantucket, and they steamed it to fit my head. If you are a hat aficionada, you can tell the fineness of the material, the fineness of the weave, the absolute wonderfulness of the scale of this hat. There is black trim at the edge of the brim, and a black band and bow. Perfect!

Peter Beaton Monomoy Hat

My absolute favorite natural straw hat

Here is another black and white charmer. This time there is the mixture of black and white AND I get a broad brim. Sometimes it is hard to choose what to wear. Oh, such problems.


hat from Palm Springs, CA

A hat for the heat and the sun, from Palm Springs

If you don’t have a royal blue hat in your wardrobe, then what? I just fell in love with this blue hat with the perky polka dot blue and white bow! I found a silk dress that was the exact color of this blue, and I remember wearing it to a presentation to a board of directors. They approved the presentation, so they must not have been able to get over the hat!


Blue hat

For royal blue you can't go wrong!

This exhuberant polks dot bow just will not quit! If you buy a plain hat, you can add a bow like this. Try it.


blue and white bow

Rear View - and usually YOU only see the front!

Remember the old saying, “The hat makes the man.” ?  Well, let me tell you, a woman in a hat turns heads! Go for it.

Sally Wilson, ASID

I have always seen the correlation between fashion, interior design and beauty in general. I’ll let you in on the little secret that I have been a hat aficionada since my teens. When I was a little girl, I used to have to wear hats to church. (I remember that sometimes they fit my head, and sometime they didn’t – yielding personal familiarity with the “hat pin”. {which I do NOT recommend!)


Eric Javits hat with custom ribbon

One of my custom ribbon additions

By the time I was in my teens I didn’t need to wear a hat anymore, but I was sometimes drawn to them. I loved their color, their shape, their ability to define the face. I have several people who remember me in my teens, in a particular white hat with a striking daisy as part of the overall scheme. (Say no more.)

In the years since, I’ve had several skin cancers. Then I REALLY began to collect hats. I needed a good excuse anyway. This way, I could tell my dermatologist that “No, I didn’t wear sun screen at every moment of my life, but I had these really broad brim hats that protected my face!”  Thus I was able to get by with a small rebuke, instead of a very big one!

Now I have so many summer hats to protect my skin from the sun that it is a lot of trouble to store them. I thought I would share with you today some of my summer favorites, and what I love about them. It is their color and design!

Most of my hats since the skin cancers have been really broad brimmed, for more sun protection. Occasionally I am drawn to a small “boater”  just because it is so cute I can’t resist it. Here I am in my favorite boater. I LOVE the black and white concentric circles. I just could not resist this hat, even though it has very little sun protection. If I want to, I can lower the brim, so no one can see me, and I can’t see anything either, but the sun protection factor is higher!

Black and white summer hat

My favorite black and white "Boater"

I think I will have to show you just SOME of my hats today, and more Next Week! Stay tuned. I have 13-14 summer hats, but I’ll highlight just some of them. Anyone can find a plain Jane straw hat, but I love these. They are special.

This is my very favorite Helen Kaminski hat. I have a H.K. winter hat, too. I’ll show you that next fall. You can tell by the fine weave of this straw that it is not a plain Jane.

Helen Kaminski hat

My favorite summer Helen Kaminski hat

Notice how it lies low over my brow. (!)

I became a fan of Eric Javitts, and I have several. You can pack them in your suitcase and shake them out. I’ve added silk ribbons to make them special. Heiman Hindler, in NYC, is my favorite spot for fantastic, unusual ribbons. I think I’ve paid more per yard per ribbon there than you can imagine.

 I have a totally black Eric Javits here:

Eric Javits pack and roll hat

My best huge brimmed Javits hat with my own ribbon

And I have a totally white Eric Javits here:

Eric Javits white pack and roll hat

My favorite Huge white summer hat with my own ribbon

The ribbons are removable, so sometimes I wear them just plain. They are so broad brimmed that you can barely see my face.

I think I’ll save a few of my best ones for next week. Stay tuned for more of my hat comments! Happy sun-filled summer with hat happiness.

Sally Wilson, ASID