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Best Luxury Kitchen Remodel, Milton, MA, designed by Boston based Wilson Kelsey Design

Our recent Boston South Shore kitchen remodel in a 100 year old home presented a unique set of challenges to us, due its extremely low ceiling and our client’s desire for a luxury kitchen that conveyed a sense of gracious living.

They desired a kitchen that would be a family center for their children and their children’s friends, a place for them to gather, socialize and do homework.

The parents, themselves, also wanted to be able to relax and entertain their adult friends – while still being able to keep an eye on their active children.

As you can see below in one of our BEFORE photos, we had our work cut out for us.

A *Before* picture of our luxury kitchen remodel in Boston's South Shore for this 100 year old home. Kitchen Design: Wilson Kelsey Design

Their existing kitchen, shown in the floor plan below, was dark and cramped, with that low ceiling, and had main circulation paths in all directions!

*Before* kitchen floor plan in our luxury kitchen remodel on Boston's South Shore. Kitchen Design: Wilson Kelsey Design

In addition to the problematic circulation, the room was walled off from the rest of the house. There was neither a closet nor any storage by the kitchen door.

So, how do you get a WOW kitchen when you are starting with such a problematic set of circumstances? In these two custom renderings we prepared for our client, you can see our solutions.

Custom rendering of our luxury kitchen remodel on Boston's South Shore. Kitchen design: Wilson Kelsey Design

First, we proposed eliminating the wall between the kitchen and the den/family room at the front of the house and the small powder room adjacent to the kitchen door. This solution would:

1. Pour daylight into the space from both sides of the house.
2. Open up their kitchen to accommodate large groups of their friends and their children’s friends.
3. Enable an efficient work triangle, accessible storage and comfortable circulation for a more functional kitchen.

Custom rendering of our luxury kitchen remodel on Boston's South Shore. Kitchen Design: Wilson Kelsey Design

We also proposed opening the wall between the kitchen and the home office, and suggested that their under utilized office become the kids’ recreation area – removed from the kitchen, but accessible.

Here is our AFTER floor plan.

The *After* floor plan for our luxury kitchen remodel on Boston's South Shore in a 100 year old home. Design: Wilson Kelsey DesignOur final design created three distinct zones – a cooks’ area, a space adjacent to the cook’s area for mixing, mingling, homework, etc. and a children’s TV and play area in the former home office.

As you can see in the opening photo above, the transformation was dramatic – no more dark, dreary space!

We created this sense of openness, height and light  [ the ceiling you are seeing here is only 7 feet -8 inches high! ] by eliminating any upper cabinets, and using bright white paints.

A luxury kitchen remodel for a 100 year old Boston South Shore home. Design: Wilson Kelsey Design

As designers, one of our responsibilities is to help our clients achieve the biggest impact for their invested dollars.

By carefully managing the cost of the custom cabinets, appliances and other items – such as the decorative lighting over the island – we were able to invest our client’s saved dollars where it would have the most impact for them.

And in this kitchen, those saved dollars were invested, to give our clients the WOW factor they wanted, in this marble we selected with them for their backsplash & countertop material.

It is a beautiful Vermont Danby marble, and we all considered ourselves lucky the day we saw it and were able to say YES, we’ll take it!

Vermont Danby marble used as countertop and backplash in our Boston luxury kitchen remodel of this 100 year old home. Design: Wilson Kelsey Design

The second splurge was deciding upon a natural walnut for the island countertop. This gives the kitchen distinction, warmth and truly pulls the room together. Now, it is the kitchen’s hub – designed for cooking prep, family dining, doing homework, etc. On weekends, it is the perfect gathering place for friends to hang out.

Perrin and Rowe goose necked faucet, Rohl farmhouse sink. Design: Boston's Wilson Kelsey Design

Refined details make a difference in the day to day use of a kitchen and in its sense of gravitas and elegance.

The goose necked chromed silver Perrin and Rowe faucet and white porcelain apron front Rohl farmhouse sink not only make doing dishes a breeze, but add charm and distinction to this 100 year old Boston Colonial home.

Custom designed dish and plate drawers were designed for ease of accessibility for our client's children. Design: Wilson Kelsey Design/Boston

As we decided on no upper cabinets in the kitchen, drawers were designed with plate and cup organizers, making it easy for young children to help themselves.

A beautiful and space maximizing *Le Mans* corner cabinet shelf system pullout was also used to maximize access to – and usability of – the corner base cabinet. Our contractors love them for their ease of installation.Le Mans corner pull out, used in our Boston South Shore kitchen remodel to maximize space. Kitchen Design: Wilson Kelsey Design

Open kitchen shelves; Wilson Kelsey Design

A combination of open shelving and spice drawers added easy access organization next to our client’s cooktop.

wine storage cabinet; Wilson Kelsey Design

An adult beverage center and wine storage unit is located at the other end of the island near the refrigerator for easy access during parties. Next to this are the floor to ceiling 24″ wide extra deep pantries we designed for additional storage.

Notice the custom designed wrought iron railing above the wine storage center?  Using that open railing, rather than a half wall,  when we opened up the wall between the existing kitchen and the underused home office, allowed us to create visibility for parental monitoring, while creating the perfect place for the kids to feel they had a *place of their own* to hang out with their friends, play video games and watch TV.

We designed a custom soffit for the outside exhaust, since we could not use a traditional range hood due to the low ceilings. Design: Wilson Kelsey Design/Boston

Sooner or later, every renovation has its challenges and the biggest challenge with this one was finding an outside exhaust range hood that would work to ventilate the stovetop, considering the low height of the ceiling.

Most external exhausts vent out the top and need at least 2 feet of clearance above them before the exhaust duct can be run horizontally to the outside of the house.

In our case, that meant the horizontal duct would have been running through two closets on the second floor – which wasn’t practical for our client- and the other obvious solution: to run a vertical exhaust through the second floor, attic and roof, would have cost an additional $8,000.

Fortunately, we solved this challenge by finding an exhaust that was designed to vent directly out its side, enabling us to run the exhaust through a soffit [ dropped ceiling ] we designed for this purpose, placed just under the second floor framing. A very clean look, and mission accomplished!


Our client tells us this new kitchen renovation has transformed the way their family lives.

They now spend more time together after school, around dinner time and on weekends. When the boys have friends over, rather than retreating to the basement, they head straight for the kids’ room off the kitchen, right where an adult can keep a watchful eye on them.

They are thrilled!

We designed a custom wine storage unit in our Boston South Shore luxury kitchen remodel. Kitchen Design: Wilson Kelsey Design

And you should see the parties…

Sally and John; Wilson Kelsey Design

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Inspired by Ocean Home magazine’s recent inclusion of Wilson Kelsey Design in their 2016 Top 50 Interior Designers list, we decided to enter Traditional Home magazine’s New Talent Search. Preparing the entry was much harder than I expected, particularly selecting 10 images that visually tell the story of our firm. It was much like answering the question we ask of ourselves when designing a project for our clients. “What is their story and how do we artfully tell that narrative?” Seeing pictures of a finished room or project doesn’t always relate the full story of transformation. With that in mind I assembled before/after pictures of the ten images we submitted.


French Style Dining Room, After photo by Laura Moss

 Before/After French Style Dining Room ; Wilson Kelsey Design

 French Style Living Room, After photo by Laura Moss

French Style Living Room; Wilson Kelsey Design

French Style Master Bath, After photo by Laura Moss

before/after French Style Master Bath ; Wilson Kelsey Design

French Country Kitchen, After photo by Sam Gray

Before/After French Country Kitchen ; Wilson Kelsey Design

Belgian Influence Kitchen, After photo by Michael Lee

Before/After Belgian Influence Kitchen; Wilson Kelsey Design

Antique Colonial Dining Room; After photo by Michael Lee

Before/After Antique Colonial Dining  Room; Wilson Kelsey Design

Belgian Influence Living Room, After photo by Michael Lee.

Before/After Belgian Influence Living Room; Wilson Kelsey Design

Transitional Living Room, Back Bay Boston; After photo by Eric Roth

Before/After Transitional Living Room ; Wilson Kelsey Design

Casual Beach House Dining Room; After photo by Michael Lee

Before/After Beach House Dining Area; Wilson Kelsey Design

Contemporary Show House Vignette; After photo by Eric Roth

Before/After Contemporary Show House  Vignette; Wilson Kelsey Design

You can see our submission here. There is so much talent out there. We appreciate your consideration.


John Kelsey, Wilson Kelsey Design

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Looking for kitchen design inspiration today, I came across a photo of a glorious kitchen – my guess is Paris or similar environ. While not right for what I am currently working on, it was instant kitchen love. I normally don’t like Ghost Chairs. But here, my first thought was Perfect!!! Cabinets become modern sculpture in the space, acting as a foil for the exuberance of the crown molding. Most of the time blue walls leave me cold. If this room gets evening light, I’ll bet the paint absolutely glows and changes color, mimicking the changing evening/night sky. Spot on!!!

Beautiful European Kitchen, Source Unknown

 My regret is I was moving so fast I failed to note the image source or if there was a designer credit.

So if you see this and can help me credit the designer, let me know who it is.



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