Green Design

The Joseph Story House is one of the first homes in the country to be designated both an historic landmark and LEED Certified.  Since the home is located right here in Salem, we wanted to share the beautiful federal style home with you.

The home was built for Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story in the early 1800s and is now owned by Neil and Martha Cheyet.  It is so great to see a historic home fall under the stewardship of the right owners and this is most definitely the case with the Cheyets.  They have painstakingly restored the  home to be both historically correct and environmentally responsible. The home is considered to have a zero carbon footprint.

The use of local materials, energy efficiency, landscape design and even the homes proximity to public transportation all factored in to the Silver LEED Certification.  While the renovation took approximately two years, the LEED certification took even longer.  What a labor of love!

Photo credit Wikipedia

Read more about the Chayet’s restoration of the Joseph Story house on the Salem News website.

We’ve been wondering how those little incandescent chandelier lamps were going to be replaced with new technology. Now we know. These LED electric candle bulbs seem to have hit the mark. They would be great in commercial spaces where you want the look of candlelight but can’t have the flame.  Also,  LED lights are energy efficient making them a great “green” choice. LED bulbs can use 1/3 to 1/30th of incandescent or CFL bulbs.

We’re excited to have a beautiful and environmentally friendly lighting choice.

Here are some photos from the Electric Candle website.





Top image The Metropolitan Museum of Art – bottom image Hotel Les Mars.