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Sally and I are pleased to be able to sure the digital link to Northshore magazine’s article about the beach cottage we designed for a Salem couple.

Beach Cottage; WIlson Kelsey Design

Done on a tight budget, the solution was all about the sue of color. Sally helped the homeowner update the kitchen (See kitchen update video here.), and created 4 activity zones in the great room adjacent to the kitchen.

Dining Area

Dining Area; Wilson Kelsey Design

Games Area

Game Area; Wilson Kelsey Design

Living Room Area

Living Room; Wilson Kelsey Design

Informal Sitting Area

Sitting Area; Wilson Kelsey Design

Furnishings were a combination of recycled family items such as the dining table, Crate and Barrel and Restoration Hardware.

Wishing everyone a sunny, beachy weekend…

sally and John

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While it’s still hot and with a meeting coming up on Sunday, I sketched the ideas I saw as I was assembling last night’s post. The one on the  far right is a Disaster – left and center are Contenders.

I am particularly intrigued with one on the left. It sort of crept up on me as I was drawing the middle one. It’s an echo of an upper cabinet food in the walk in pantry. I ghosted in the side around the corner to see how it would look. With the right CNC machine, it could even be rounded, as the middle one is.

I had mentioned the various materials we plan to use in the kitchen. Today found a photo I took of what we are considering. The mosaics are from Discover Tile at the BDC. The small 2″ x 2″ tile are New Ravenna.

I hope that by the end of the day tomorrow I will have the glass top table at the end of the island sorted out.



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For the past several weeks we have discovered what some of John’s and my solutions are for a new apartment in Munich, Germany. Today we’ll cover what we’re doing with the entry-foyer. This is a tiny, city-dwelling, and the foyer is very small, with traffic patterns in 3 directions! In addition, there are two floor to ceiling windows, which offer great light, but little wall space. How can we make our clients and their guests feel welcomed when they come through the door?

Floor Plan Munich apartment

First of all, there are the practical necessities. You need somewhere to put down your bag, to put down your keys, to store your coat, and to remove your shoes and change into “indoor shoes/slippers”. This is a common European habit/way-of-life. (I notice that our American city dwellers are also becoming more like this.) So you need someplace to sit, someplace to store, someplace to set down.

Then there are the artistic necessities. How do you put forth the subliminal message “Come in. Rest, Relax, Be happy. This is going to be a wonderful experience for you.”? We do that by paying attention to possible focal points, welcoming colors, and sensuous textures. And we don’t ask the space to work too hard, so that all the beauty is pushed out of it.

For this foyer we are actually establishing the beautiful focal point in the next room – which you see through full length glass doors, just beyond the little entry. (We covered that in last week’s blog about Munich, click here to see.) We are keeping furnishings to an absolute minimum, so as not to feel crowded. And we are keeping materials simple, but lush and sensual.

materials selected for foyer Munich

The two full length windows (which open up like French doors to let breezes in) we are covering with a simple, partly sheer white drapery fabric. Small natural iron drapery rods and French pleats. The floors, like the floors throughout the apartment, are a dark brown stained oak. Our colors will be dark brown and white. Crisp, clean, simple.

Furnishings: we’ll keep it to just one chair and one custom designed bench-cum-storage cubes, cum display area for plants or flowers. But I love the way the chair is sculptural – sloped side rails and no arms, for that no – fuss look. It’s the fabrics that just turn this into a little jewel!

foyer sitting chair

The sculptural chair is in a velvet, cut into 3/4″ squares so that it almost looks quilted. We’ve kept the furnishings simple, but we upped the ante with wonderful fabrics.

With the drapery in filmy white, I wanted the custom bench to be in a white leather. Very durable, but easy care. Whether grocery packages or shoes get set down on it, it can take a beating. This is our first rough sketch of what that custom piece may look like.

Wilson kelsey design custom ottoman

I just can’t wait to get this apartment built so that we can see how wonderful everyone’s reaction will be! We’ll let you know.

Sally Wilson ASID

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