I am going to preface this post by first saying a huge THANK YOU to David Webster and his “gang” at Webster & Co. for making this all possible!  Sally and I can only begin to imagine the time and energy it took…  Sally is going to co-write this piece with me, so you will also hear her voice.

We’ve saved the best for last, not counting the restaurants, food and wine, which would involve several more posts… (We’re happy to oblige.)  We were so impressed with the Nobilis Paris showroom layout and fabrics, we visited it twice. First, to simply take in the lovely new fabric lines. Second to meet with Eric Valero, their Creative Director, where we had an opportunity to discuss their new lines in more detail.

Eric Valero, Nobilis Creative Director and Sally Wilson; photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Sally particularly liked the great discussion she had with Eric, which ranged from why Nobilis uses particular mills for particular products, to the availability of yards and threads throughout the recent economic recession.

While we were chatting with Eric, the President of Nobilis, Denis Halard, dropped by to say “Hello.” We played dress up with their new fabric offerings…

John Kelsey; Eric Valero, Nobilis Creative Director; Denis Halard, Nobilis President; photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Their vignettes presented the fabrics beautifully! Sally notes the deep richness of color they are showing. Very saturated.

Nobilis vignette, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Paired below is a soft color, of a rich cut velvet, but with that saturated hue in the toss pillow.

Nobilis vignette, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Can’t you just picture yourself here? Here we are in the upstairs Nobilis lounge. A riot of color, but so sophisticated and assured. No color fear here.

Nobilis vignette, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Rich, deep colors. tones and textures…  Love that pop of yellow in the cording!

Nobilis vignette, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Other color ways of the fabric shown in the above toss pillow.

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

An example of their gauffrage velvet, which gives an upscale look to absolutely Anything!

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

I love their new look to their scenes. This is a printed pattern, and look how detailed it is, and how rich the colors are. You almost want to pluck a leaf from that tree, it is so real. There is a freshness to the scenes – nothing directly out of the China of the past, and yet the scenes are of past Chinese life. You have to see it and feel it to realize the difference.

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Here I am admiring, and feeling, one of my favorites: a large geometric. This is so classic, you can never get tired of it, and yet it is fresh and new, with its bold scale, and its subtle color variations.

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

A fabric type that Nobilis does so well – the textured stripe. A velvet stripe coexists with a soft tone on tone texture, and then that stripe of cut fibers creating an almost fringe! Fantastico! Formidable!

Nobilis fabric, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

We were also invited to an intimate wine tasting in an apartment around the corner from the showroom, which gave John an opportunity to view the interior architecture of a smaller scale Paris residence.


Nobilis wine tasting, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

The apartment door was very narrow. John was very excited to see the very same trim profiles we had seen in Versailles and the Louvre.

Nobilis wine tasting, Photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Sally was ready to move in…  (Why not?)

Sally Wilson at Nobilis Wine Tasting, photo by Wilson Kelsey Design

Hope you enjoyed our show room tour!


sally and John

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I’m a hat and shoe person. I’m also a fashion person in general, although I wore it all better when I was 17. Or 25. Or, at a recent lecture I attended, the NASA space engineer said, “Here is a photo of me 35 years ago, before the ravages of time.!”  I felt he was my best friend already.

It is December and time to talk about winter hats and facing the cold with style! I have new hats and antique hats. (I guess there were some in my family that also were “hat people”.) I have a nice collection of my mother’s hats.

Helen Kaminski hat

My favorite Helen Kaminski winter hat

I love the burgundy one for its punch, and its broad brim, which protects me from the sun. A very important item for me, and a fantastic reason to collect hats!

My favorite and most used everyday hat

This is a hat I can wear everyday. It is sturdy, has a good sized brim, is black and basic, and has “hidden ear flaps” inside which I find very useful! If I need to dress it up, or feel fashionista, I add a suede ribbon of animal print:

Another favorite, for special occasions is my “Tiffany Brim” hat. Also, black and basic, but sits low on the brow and is quite an eye catcher.

 It has a fabulous bow in the back (or I think you could wear the bow in front!) as you see here:

When the New England wind blows, and I need to protect my head and ears from the cold, I love this black velvet hat I found at one of my favorite New York City shops – Henri Bendel.

I love the fact that it has 3 different fabrics that make up the composition.

Another of my favorite winter fashion statements is “winter white”. I absolutely adore wearing white wool in winter. It is so uplifting, and I remember having white wool dresses when I was in high school in Memphis. Here I am a few years ago in one of my “I can’t resist it. I have to buy it – berets.” And yes, it does have a fur Pom Pom on top.

OK, Maybe just two more, and then we’ll have to continue in another post! Here is one of the antiques – a mink hat with simple brim. I confess to wearing this one not as much, because it offers no sun protection. But think of the warmth!

This antique mink hat would go well with the antique alligator purse that I inherited from my mother. (Now I wonder where those alligator shoes are?) Last night I was out shopping with some new women friends, and one of them bought a very similar look alike to this purse, albeit faux alligator, thank goodness for the animals.

1950 s era Alligator Purse

Here is another of my oldie but goodies. This red brim and black-velvety-felt top is a striking statement with its red and black feathers swooping down toward the neck. I confess to being fearless, and remember wearing this to a Salem attorney’s office and I don’t think they knew WHAT to make of me! A woman in a hat, and THIS hat, and in the provinces, too.

OK, time to go. But there is more in my hat collection, all for another day.  I’m actually becoming inspired now to wear them more!  Best winter wishes,