Discovered – A Neoclassical Foyer Design Study

Posted on: December 11th, 2013by John 4 Comments

Sally and I are working with Bartlett Interactive, redesigning our website to make it hand held device compatible and we’re taking the opportunity to do a little updating. I’ve been working on the Sketches Section of the Portfolio page today and came across an older design study I did of a Neoclassical foyer for a project in Rhode Island. I had high hopes for a Chihuly chandelier. Sadly, it was never built…

Speaking of Neoclassical residences, that is one of the reasons I have not been posting regularly. We have been in full throttle design this fall on a Neoclassical interior for a Newton residence designed by Eric Daum of Merrimack Design Associates. The house is now under construction. Here’s an early design study of the foyer in this house. Maybe there’s still hope for the Chihuly chandelier!!! A rendering of the residence can be seen in this earlier post.

I’m planning a series of weekly posts on the project in the near future.



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4 Responses

  1. Oh Goody!

    I have missed your blog posts!

    (I just hope blogs don’t die out!)!!!

    ( I am not good at working mine…..Doug just sent me another screen by the same artist as my last blog post about the other ones!)

    something went haywire!



    • John says:

      I’ve missed writing them, Penelope. But a good post can take hours to put together and Sally and I simply haven’t had the time. (Busy is a happy problem in it own right, isn’t it?) I’d rather not post than put up something that is half baked.


  2. What I tried to do was add it to my last blog post! That is what I meant went haywire!

    Now there are four! Isn’t that kinda spooky?? 4 screens 35 years apart……by the same artist! The best explanation is by Tara Dillard!~ “You commissioned them all in former lives”!

    Did you see that? I am still giggling!!!


    Happy Holidays!!

  3. Nice to see a post from you, John. What a fantastic staircase!

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