How Sally and I spent Valentines Day Evening…

Posted on: February 15th, 2013by John 8 Comments

Our thanks to our friends at Boston Design Guide who did a delightful Valentines Day blog post describing Sally’s and my plans for the day. Mostly it was the same old, same old… But we did have something special planned for the end of the day.

We made Turtles!

It’s so easy! All you need is a bag of chocolate chips, caramels and your favorite nuts.

We used the micro wave to melt our chocolate bits and caramel. If we were to do it again we might use doublers boilers as we kept having to soften the chocolate or caramel.

So – first we melted our chocolate chips.

Then stir until they are a nice consistency.

While Sally was melting the caramels, I daubed chocolate onto the tray, making the bottom layer of the turtles (Tray held 12 turtles.) and frantically adding the almonds.

Fortunately, there were directions on the side of the carmel package for making carmel sauce… Here’s the caramel ready for the microwave.

The carmel needed to be stirred, too.

Things got a little crazy trying to keep in front of the cooling carmel… Another trip to the micro wave fixed that!

We had to reheat the chocolate several times as we added the final layer of chocolate.

We popped the tray in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool them down. They were delicious!!! We’re already planning to try making them again. The bittersweet choclate chips we used were a little overpowering.

Next time – milk chocolate and maybe attempt making our own caramel sauce.

Thank you David West of Meadowview Construction for the inspiration!


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8 Responses

  1. Linda Leyble says:

    I remember those – never made them. Great idea for Valentines. My husband and I had a quiet day – I made cupcakes (heart shaped!) and we had my daughter and granddaughter over for dinner. Much better than going to a restaurant.

    Glad your day was great!


    • John says:

      Well worth a try!
      If only because you have to lick the spoon when you’re all done.

      Would love to see a picture of the cup cakes!


  2. When you were talking about these the other night I thought maybe you were doing a cake version. If I had known it was the actual candy I would have jumped in my truck to help you eat these, they look fabulous!


    • John says:

      HA!!! If it had been the cake version, I’d still be wiping the carmel and chocolate off my face!
      Snowing to beat the band here this morning…


  3. Turtles are my favorite candy…..and they are so easy! I’m going to have to make these! Thanks…

  4. designchic says:

    Who knew they were so easy to make?! As a certified chocoholic, these look just heavenly to me!! Thanks for the tutorial and fun and unique way to spend Valentine’s Day.

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