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Posted on: January 25th, 2013by John 3 Comments

It’s finally turned cold her in New England – as cold as it’s been in over two years! All week I found myself thinking of warmer climes. While digging thru books in our library looking for wood paneling ideas yesterday, I pulled The Architecture of William Lawernce Bottomley, by Susan Frazer off the shelf. Most of the photographs are black and white. Encouraged by what I saw, I shifted my search efforts to the computer. In the midst of my search I found color images of a Virginia house he designed in the 1920’s, including these interior shots of the pool house – classic, timeless, as up to date today as it was when it was built. I absolutely LOVE the lattice work and the fireplace! There’s something ever so slightly oriental about the feel in the second image.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be lounging in one of those chairs right about now?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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3 Responses

  1. Hi John and Sally!

    Hang on a second! Is that a redo of a poolhouse? That is a John Rosselli chinoiserie light fixture (four of which I have in my kitchen! And a flatscreen disguise over the fireplace! Where are the black and whites?

    Or did I misunderstand? LOVE THE ROOM!!

    Classic, classic, classic! Timeless!

  2. Yes lounging in one of those chairs would be nice if it’s warm. Nice seeing something on the ceiling the most forgotten part of a room.

    We’re freezing here but hopefully should warm up next week.


  3. John, I agree…I would love to be lounging in one of those chairs….love his work!

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