Penelope Bianchi and the camera in my head…

Posted on: December 15th, 2012by John 8 Comments

Do you ever have these moments where things converge – you don’t know why or how – they just do? I had one of those moments this morning.

I got  up early and as is my ritual, I went about the house raising the blinds and opening the drapes, letting in the morning sun. On the dining room table lay a piece of crinkled up tissue paper. What I saw was a beautiful tall woman in a white wrap around dress. She was walking down a dark street, from one pool of street lamp light of the next… I ran, got my camera and captured the moment.

Then a few minutes later I opened my email and waiting for me was an email from my friend Penelope Bianchi. We are always having the most interesting discussions about design and how we see and create. This morning she drew an analogy between the creative process and having a camera in her head!!! And I thought, “WOW!!! That’s exactly what happened!!! I saw the image in my head!  And I knew…”

Here’s the picture I took.

What do you see?

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8 Responses

  1. Hard not to see what you saw in the tissue John, the light is amazing.


  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Wow!!! Such an amazing shot. You got the right lighting and everything. The beauty of it is the man behind the camera who saw it!


    • John says:

      Thank you, Linda.
      it’s funny how I can walk around all day with my camera in my pocket and not see a thing and then suddenly, POW!!!
      That’s one of the aspects of the creative process I find so fascinating.

      As my Mom has said about her photography, “I sometimes wonder how much of it is is out of my hands.”


  3. Greet says:

    Indeed, as Linda says , this is an amazing shot John! You had this ‘éclair’ moment (as the French say)!

  4. I can relate to what your saying…knowing Penelope she thinks eats and lives design…she loves it! You have to have a camera in your head to be a designer….Its a gift that most people don’t have….I have never thought about it that way, but your right….I also see pictures in my mind…

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