First picture of our vignette at the Wenham Museum North Shore Design Show.

Posted on: May 15th, 2012by John 12 Comments

I met our photographer, Michael Lee, at 9 this morning to shoot the vignette Sally and I set up last week for this year’s Wenham Museum North Shore Design Show. By 11 we’d taken 5 shots. About 15 minutes ago, this image arrived in my email’s inbox…

Almost a shame that Sally and I are dismantling it and doing a new one on Thursday evening…


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12 Responses

  1. Your right, what a shame. It looks gorgeous. Cant wait to see the next one you are doing.

    • John says:

      We should have the other images from Michael by Friday. We need to build in a little time to watermark them before posting more of this vignette. Thursday will be “interesting”. I tried to script it out kin my mind yesterday as we were doing the shoot…


  2. Gorgeous! I love all of the details, textures and scale that you chose – nicely done! Looking forward to the next also…

  3. So wonderful……understated elegance……a rare thing these days!

    We are coming in September! I will tell you as soon as we know!

    What fun to meet you both! Literally minutes from our daughter!

    (It takes a lot to drag us out of here! )

    right now, there is a calico cat on my lap……..and the two corgi mixes are on the bed…..with Adam….and I have to foray in there…..and snuggle with him….I will have to displace a couple of Corgi mixes!

    Sure makes a happy life!

    September……I hope you don’t have plans to be gone!

    exact dates soon!


    • John says:


      Thank you!!! You set the bar high, too! Sally and I don’t have any major plans for September after Labor day weekend.

      Happy snuggling,


  4. John you and Sally did an amazing job and you’re right shame it has to come apart! It’s so beautiful and classic.


  5. Perfection…and so was the second vignette. Love , love seeing you guys in action.

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