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Posted on: April 20th, 2012by John 8 Comments

Today, I had our web designers, Bartlett Interactive, add a spam filter to the site. Over the past few months spam reached the point of intolerance… For my regular readers and contributors, hope you will understand and tolerate the inconvenience. PLEASE keep contributing!!!



BTW: If you’re in need of a great web designer or help with your blog and social media, we’ve been thrilled with our friends from Bartlett Interactive. They designed our website and helped us when we updated our blog format last year. Right now, they’re in the process of helping us add a Scrapbook Section to the Portfolio page and an improved Contact page. Soon to follow, Kitchen and Bath pages to the Portfolio page as well. Change is a constant in our industry…

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  1. My website needs an overhaul but I haven’t been able to find anyone close to me that I liked so I’ll have to check out your cpompany. Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Hi John and Sally, I have dealt with the spam issue also. I just found someone to help Danni and I with our blog and other social media stuff. Hope your having a good weekend.

  3. I just visited your site and it is really nice…we need to do some serious work on our site…We are finishing up some really nice projects that we need to have professionally photographed, and then we need to make some changes. Have a great week. Mona

    • John says:

      Ask around – other designers and architects. Try to find out who does what best. Some photographers are better with big, take it all in pictures. Some photographers are better at tight emotional vignettes. Try to figure out how your project will show itself of most effectively. See if they will come scout your projects first. If you don’t find anyone you’re happy with, let me know.


  4. I totally understand. I have been getting a ton of spam comments lately and have been wondering if I need to do the same. I’ll still comment. :)

    • John says:

      The spam filter has really cut down the aggravation factor, for sure.

      I always enjoy and appreciate your comments and thoughts, Barbara.
      Please do keep them coming!


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