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Which Console Table for our Belgian Style Vignette???

Sally and I spent late Friday afternoon at the Boston Design Center zeroing in on final selections for our vignette. We begin installation the week of May 7. We saw two very different console tables at Charles Spada’s show room and I’m struggling as to which one to use. The decision is made more complicated because mid way thru the show, Sally and I are presenting a home styling seminar. During the seminar, we will transform our Belgian style vignette to a fresh modern take on a living room by changing out the rug, artwork and accessories. This console is quite neutral, making it an easy backdrop to the accessories and artwork when we do the seminar. What it doesn’t make is that big bold statement, anchoring the vignette for the opening Gala event. Will accessories be enough???


Our vignette will be the first space visitors will see upon entering the show gallery and this console, made from architectural salvage from the 18th and 19th century, has the wow I’m looking for.

I love how it relates to the brackets that Payne Bouchier is making for us. (Great residential builder!) And it will look fabulous in any photograph! However, I’m concerned it will make doing the modern feel very difficult because it is such a bold piece. The transformation has to be believable in the eyes of those attending…

What would you do?



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Weekend ramblings…

Last weekend feels very far away today… Over the weekend, I split my time between working in the yard and working in the office… The yard work felt more productive and satisfying than my time spent in the office. The yard was mowed and I spent quite a bit of time working in the flower beds, getting them organized for the year.

Flowering Dogwood

And I planted our little memorial Tomato Patch, in honor of our passed away tomato eating dogs – Rocco, Coco and Chipper. Some of you may remember my posting about Chipper’s love for tomatoes and how much we enjoyed his last months last fall as he would wander through the tomato vines, grazing as he went…

One fringe benefit of my rooting about in the flower beds and edges of the yard is I find all sorts of orphan plants, shrubs and trees. Seedlings from our mature plants. Sally is always terrified that I will scurry about and plant the little things in places that will mess up the Master Plan for the yard. For me, it’s actually more about the excitement of the find. Let’s see what I found.

orphan boxwood

A small boxwood under the yews…


orphan kousa dogwood

A young Kousa Dogwood growing in the old dog run…



Another boxwood? I’m not sure. I’ll let it grow and see what it turns in to…


A variegated lilly of the valley (bottom center) I rescued form beneath the spreading branches of a shrub in the front yard, along with another small flowering plant from my Mom’s garden back in upstate New York. (She’ll know exactly what it is.)

On Sunday, I moved the last of the European Ginger from one end of the yard to the other… Sounds productive, doesn’t it? By the time I get that done, it was beginning to drizzle. It felt so good, I stayed out and put in the tomato garden.

I added several eggplants, too. Mmmmm. Please excuse the mess. I haven’t gotten to edging things.

By days end, I really could have taken a good long soak in one of these tubs made by Bath in Wood Maine

Or maybe this one?

Cote Sud,February/March 2012, photo, Bernard Touillon; designer, Francois Champsaur

Everyone have a great week!



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Announcing a Site Update…

Today, I had our web designers, Bartlett Interactive, add a spam filter to the site. Over the past few months spam reached the point of intolerance… For my regular readers and contributors, hope you will understand and tolerate the inconvenience. PLEASE keep contributing!!!



BTW: If you’re in need of a great web designer or help with your blog and social media, we’ve been thrilled with our friends from Bartlett Interactive. They designed our website and helped us when we updated our blog format last year. Right now, they’re in the process of helping us add a Scrapbook Section to the Portfolio page and an improved Contact page. Soon to follow, Kitchen and Bath pages to the Portfolio page as well. Change is a constant in our industry…

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