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Moss Gardens

Yesterday morning I spent some time poking around under the trees and in the flower beds, looking for more signs of spring. I began noticing the moss growing between the rocks of our front walk…

…and in the shady nooks and crannies of the flower beds. You see, along with a water feature, in the back of my mind, I’ve always been a yearning for a moss garden somewhere in our yard.

I began looking at these large pieces of granite, left over from when we did our addition a number of years ago…


Then I got to thinking about the dog run behind the house. It’s relatively shady and now that both Chipper and Coco are gone, we could reclaim the run and turn it into a moss garden. I know it would take some time to mature, but wouldn’t it be a relaxing place to sit in the morning or at the end of the day?

Just look at these images!

I’m feeling inspired!  Are you?


Boston Back Bay Foyer Design Idea

While working on one of our new projects, I came across this antique bureau in the 2011 Jan/Feb issue of Veranda.



It reminded me of an idea sketch I had done for a foyer on a project about two years ago. The proposal was turned down for another idea…


I think it was the Chihuly style chandelier that made the client nervous.

  Stylistically, I love the juxtaposition and tension created by modern chandeliers and light fixtures in beautiful old spaces and rooms. I do have an important qualifier. It must capture the spirit of an appropriate period light fixture. The “crystal Chihuly” did this is spades. Our new project has similar high ceilings, gorgeous original plaster moldings and marble fireplaces. I’ve found myself wondering…. If not the foyer, then perhaps the dining room????


PS: More of my design sketches can be seen here

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Meet Zoe Design – Decorative Painters, Muralists and Faux Finish Artists

Remember this picture from my previous post? The blank wall space below the upper cabinets was incomplete.

This is what was commissioned for that wall area….

Isn’t it gorgeous???

This mural on canvas of a classic New England Seascape was created and installed by Lena Fransioli of Zoe Design. (I love their landing page…) Lena and Doug Garrabrants are neighbors of ours, living a couple towns up the coast from Salem, and are two of our favorite faux finish and decorative painters/artists. To see more progress pictures of this project, see here.

A few weeks ago, while chatting back and forth via email with Penelope Bianchi, Sally and I learned that many years ago Penelope had commissioned Zoe Design to do several rooms in her house in California and to this day they continue to work for her and other designers in California. Amazing!!! Here are several detail shots of what they did in Penelope’s house.

Penelope’s Foyer Ceiling

Bathroom Mural

Mural detail

Mural Detail

Mural Detail

The following selected images from their website give you an idea of their range of capabilities.

Beautiful murals…




The unexpected… A hand painted umbrella done for one of their clients.


Something new – computer generated murals and wall paper…

A detail of one of the papers they have designed.

Grass and flowers…

Be sure to visit their website and blog. Don’t be surprised if you stay a while…

Their work is wonderful.



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