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Movie Star Wines

What ARE movie star wines? Last evening John had poured for our meal an extremely pleasant and drinkable red wine. He told me he had gone in search of a wine that would remind him of John Wayne. What a guy! (My John, I mean.)

Seguret Cotes Du Rhone Villages

Our Wine du Jour

 Now who would have thought of that? He wanted to see if personality can be expressed in a wine, or vice versa. We decided that this wine, which we liked very much, did not remind either of us of John Wayne, either in his youth or in later years. We couldn’t make any excuses for either an Old wine, or a Young wine. It didn’t work.

 The wine de jour was a French wine, a Seguret Cotes Du Rhone Villages, by Domaine de Mourchon, year 2007.


Domaine Mourchon

If you want this wine ....

We decided that probably the French could not make a John Wayne wine. The vineyards of California, Oregon, Michigan, or even Massachusetts stand a better chance of capturing the American spirit.

Thinking French, I decided that the wine of last evening was Maurice Chevalier. John couldn’t think of anyone it reminded him of, so I won. Since John seems to know next to nothing about Maurice Chevalier, we determined that I would write this post about wine and the famous French actor.


Maurice Chevalier

Maurice in typical cavalier style

My way of explaining Maurice Chevalier to John was, of course, to sing one of his famous songs, from one of his famous movies! “Thank Heavens, For Little Girls!” from “GiGi”.  I don’t remember numbers, or statistics, but I do remember music.


GiGi the movie

GiGi, the movie DVD cover

“What makes this wine Maurice Chevalier?” John asked. I answered, “This wine is debonair, sophisticated, and mellow.”

Maurice Chevalier

Maurice Chevalier and Boater Hat

Maurice Chevalier had a long career that started in the early 1900’s. He was famous not only for being  an actor, but also a crooner. He was a very good crooner, with an iconic style, that made the French women go crazy for him. As he made his way into movies in Hollywood, he often appeared in musicals, and by the time Gigi was produced in the mid 1950’s he was nearing the end of his career.

Oh, but he could still capture the whole screen and make you want to watch. He was still making the (older) ladies swoon for him. Gigi features him getting back together with an old love.

He also often appeared in a man’s straw hat – the boater style.

straw hat boater

Straw Boater Hat

Me, Sally Wilson, ASID

Me in my Boater


Now, if you’ve followed me and know my penchant for hats, well then, I have a natural affection for a debonair, sophisticated, hat wearing, and singing movie star! I like his wine, too.

Sally Wilson, ASID

Update on our 1804 Federal Period Project

It’s been some time since I’ve posted on the progress of our 1804 Federal period home in Manchester. I’m delighted to say that it is sailing along smoothly toward completion! The kitchen cabinets with the absolutely huge and gorgeous slate sink and island are installed, countertops are in place, stone fireplace surrounds are being installed, painting is coming along quite nicely and decorative lighting is going up. Cudo’s to Dawn Carrol and Cumar Marble for their prompt amd professional service! The custom slate sink was made by Sheldon Slate Products, Monson, Maine.  Our client speaks very highly of John Tatko and tells us the grave markers of both President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in Arlington Cemetery are made of black slate from Monson, Maine, and were also engraved there.

There is more to do, but one can feel that the end is in sight – that “the train is pulling in to the station”. We’re all very excited!!!

View from the dining room to the front parlor.

View of the hearth room from the parlor.

View toward the kitchen as you enter the hearth room from the parlor.

Hearth room bookcases, built in window seat (sans cushion) and computer desk.

A partial view of the kitchen. The granite is fantastic!!!!

Cherry cabinet and slate sink detail. All the cabinets still need pulls and knobs installed. I echoed the original molding detail and profiles from the foyer in the kitchen.

The fabulous granite! Very rich and classic!

View from guest bedroom to master bedroom.

Installation of the fireplace surround in the master bedroom.

I’ll follow up in  a few weeks, after the floor is stained and more of the light fixtures are in place.

CL Sterling Lighting

Another  website I found the other day was  CL Sterling, a small exclusive lighting manufacturer located in Niantic, Connecticut.  I’ve put them on my list of favorites. These fixtures particularly appealed to me.

A new wall sconce. I love the glass shade! Such a twist!

Love the feet!!!!

I have just the spot over a dining table for a pairt of these!

Maybe the room would look great with a modern twist for it's lighting...

The fixtures come in a great selection of finishes. Maybe you will find a place for in in your home or project!

John Kelsey and Sally Wilson

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