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Big Jars and Mini Jars

I love the shapes and colors of these hand blown jars by Elizabeth Lyons, founder and director of More Fire Glass Studio in Rochester, NY. I think they would have looked fabulous in our Design Show vignette sitting on the bar cart or side board below the silver mirror.

Hmmm… maybe on the mantel in our dining room???







The Romance of Candles

I’ve always been a sucker for candles. I can’t quite seem to articulate why. Maybe it’s the flickering flame or the quality of light, making a room and its occupants softer and more beautiful. Or maybe it’s the wonderful memories I have that I associate with candles and candle light. After the screen porch is set up this weekend, I will put a candle on the café table we always put in the corner and Sally and I will spend the first of many summer evenings lingering over a candlelight dinner and a glass of wine.

Axel Vervoordt Timeless Interiors


Axel Vervoordt Timeless Interiors


Architetural Digest, Design by Axel Vervoordt


Source Unknown


Source Unknown, design by Axel Vervoordt


Architectural Digest, design by Axel Vervoordt


Modern spaces love candles, too!

May 2009, Architectural Digest


Living Architecture No. 21, architect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen


Living Architecture No. 21, architect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen


Light a candle or two. Have a few friends over for dinner this weekend.

Laugh, eat and drink well.


Colorful Accents and Pillow Talk

Some people love toss pillows, and all the color and textural variety they can add to a room; and others don’t want a single thing that needs fluffing or moving around. I’m entering my Minimalist Moment, but still I have a special knack for toss pillows and creating unique pillows. John and my clients have pointed this out, and it can’t be denied, Minimalist Moment or not.

Toss pillows
2 Toss Pillows for accents, Photo: Michael Lee

When I get in my pillow groove, all of my pillows (my creations) become my favorite children. John told me once, “I love these pillows.” I said, “Why?” He replied, “Look at the magazines. You don’t see pillows like that. Your pillows are special.” Wow, I love having a fan club right under my own roof. Here are some of my favorite children:

Chintz toss pillow

Inset pillow design with fringe and gimp, Photo: Rick Mandelkorn

So many things can be done with custom toss pillows. You can inset designs and outline with a solid color. You can add contrast welt cord at the edges.  You can add beautiful silk fringes at the edges, or even on an inside “layer”. You can outline with gimp, or ribbon. You can put one fabric on one side and a contrasting fabric on the other. You can take a monochromatic room and add zest via multi fabrics in toss pillows.

silk pillows trimmed in silk,
Silk Pillows adding panache, Photo: Rick Mandelkorn
Toss Pillows adding zest

Using Multiple Fabric for Zest

Toss Pillows

Colorful Chintz and Great Fringe


Toss pillows for texture,

Wonderful Cashmere Velvet and a Damask, Photo: Eric Roth

Toss pillows and shams,

Fabulous fabrics used for shams, Photo: Laura Moss


Toss pillows with trim details

Adding fringe for Details

Sometimes I work with women who love fabric so much that they want it all in one room! With some control, this impulse can be gratified by adding some of those beautiful fabrics in toss pillows, without upsetting the balance of the room. Make your toss pillows with feather and down inserts and they become an invitation to recline the moment you see them! Use them – for color, or for resting your head – but don’t overlook the power of the pillow!

Sally Wilson, ASID

John Kelsey and Sally Wilson

Recipients of regional and national awards, John and Sally have been interior designers for over 25 years. Their work has appeared in numerous magazines. If you'd like design help, call: 617-292-3380

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