Our 1804 Federal Home: An Interior Design Update

Posted on: February 28th, 2011by wilsonkelsey 3 Comments

Today construction is starting  on our 1804 Federal Period home up in Manchester, MA. We had targeted a construction start of April 1, so we’re about 5 weeks ahead of schedule! Sweet!!! Sally is busy working with our client on the interior decor, buttoning up selections on tile, floor stain colors, paint colors, granite, etc.

With our client’s permission, here’s a peak at some of the areas of the house we’ve tackled during the interior  space planning and design process. One area was the kitchen design. Part of a larger reconfiguration, which included reconfiguring a stair to the second floor and relocating the existing powder room, the kitchen came to life one evening on the back of a napkin as Sally and I were sitting at our kitchen counter having ‘snackies’ and a glass of wine before dinner. The idea was to create a gracious open room that functioned as a kitchen and foyer to the home. The stair reinforces the foyer notion as it lands facing the kitchen and portico door.

Here’s the napkin sketch…

The Kitchen Design Napkin Sketch by John Kelsey

An almost final sketch…

Entry/Kitchen/Stair/Powdwer Room Sketch by John Kelsey

The kitchen portico entry needed some immediate attention, too. Here’s an initial study sketch done on top of a photo of the existing entry.

Overlay Sketch by John Kelsey

A quick study introducing a fan above the door. The frieze board is too thin.

Portico with Fan Above Door by John Kelsey

The frieze… The crown probably needs to project a bit more, like is the overlay sketch. The devil is in the details isn’t it?

Portico with Heavier Frieze by John Kelsey

Additional peaks will be forthcoming in the near future…

Stay tuned…

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3 Responses

  1. Irene says:

    Loved viewing all the various “stages” of your work, John. Helps me realize just how evolving your work has to be. Your sketches are amazing; so brimming with talent. Good to know Sally has such a helpmate. YFMIL

  2. John Kelsey says:

    I especially enjoy the time Sally and I spent together in the evening “noodling about” over an idea or problem we’ve been dealing with during the day. I times I think that’s when we do our best work. I’m blessed to have both partner and mate in Sally. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree!


  3. Vin and Allrie says:

    March 8, 2011: Sue/Jeff, Sneaky start you two, fantastic. It’s the portico that we look at but the door where we enter right. It’s the two people that we hope to see standing there that are exciting, Sue and Jeff, your “new” home came before our “new” church by five years. You have missed your 200th anniversary by 7 years, oh well, we’ll celebrate your 300th with you. Congratulations! Vin/Alrie

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