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Well Done Hutker Architects!

While working on my recent post about Phillip Johnson’s Glass House I found myself thinking about Mark Hutker. Then a post card from his office arrived in the mail announcing their inclusion in Residential Architecture’s “Short List of Architects We Love”. (November/December 2010) As an interior designer I believe that a space plan/floor plan whose order is simple and clear with good proportions will translate into an elegant architectural solution that can be lived in and enjoyed by a family for years. Mark has a knack for designing homes that do just that. Then he wraps them in yummy exteriors that reflect the essence of a region’s culture, vernacular and materials.

Hutker Architects, photo by Brian Vanden Brink

Hutker Architects, photo by Brian Vanden Brink

In addition to this recent recognition, “Heirlooms to Live In”, a compilation of his work was published this Fall. Well done, Mark!

Hutker Architects, photo by Brian Vanden Brink

Phillip Johnson’s Glass House: Preserving Modern Design

The art of Modern design is growing in popularity, to the point that I am encountering projects designed in what is called the Mid-Century Modern Style. While we are in the midst of this hot home design trend, it is useful to go back and revisit it’s roots. One such place is Phillip Johnson’s Glass House, built in 1949. It’s beauty lies in its simplicity and restraint. An eloquent reminder of how much can be said and done with so little.

Today the Philip Johnson Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut is a 47-acre campus that is on a mission to “become a center-point and catalyst for the preservation of modern architecture, landscape, and art, and a canvas for inspiration, experimentation and cultivation honoring the legacy of Philip Johnson (1906–2005) and David Whitney (1939–2005).” Guided tours are offered of the spectacular 47-acre campus showing off it’s 14 architectural structures, world-class art and design collection and an opportunity to explore the interiors of the Glass House. It is well worth the trip.

Photo credit

Photo credit

Photo credit

Photo credit

The Brick House. Photo credit

Da Monsta. Photo credit

John Houshmand’s No. 0201 Dining Table

Are you looking for a dining table like nothing you’ve seen before? Furniture designer, John Houshmand’s impressive No. 0201  dining table came across our desk the other day.  This mulberry lazy susan with blackened steel legs has it all, unique design, luxury appeal and creative sophistication.  Houshmand describes the table as being made ” from five pie cuts of a live-edge slab, giving the impression of a massive 6-foot wide end grain plug  The hidden lazy susan armature was placed in the center with a satin stainless steel disc. This concave area was then filled with an acrylic pour, at which time an additional Mulberry center was added”.

The top sits asymmetrically on its curved blackened steel legs creating a delightful visual tension.  Man, would I love to design a contemporary room around this table! What fun!!!

To find out more information about John Houshmand’s No. 0201 visit

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