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Master Bath Vanity Design Studies

Recently, I was asked by a repeat client to design a vanity for their master bath. The home is a gorgeous historic Federal Period structure, with most of the original detailing intact. On the home’s upper floors the formality of the first floor detailing gives way to simpler shapes and profiles, creating a more informal tone. The Master Bedroom is consistent with this theme, even the fireplace is a much simpler structure.  I helped the home owners redo the Master Bath several years ago and thought that they had found a suitable vanity at the time. Apparently not… Home Depot has been the temporary solution for some time.

It was immediately clear that the vanity needed to relate to the less formal style of the master bedroom and master bath. In addition, when the master bath was renovated, we introduced a slightly modern feel in the style of the shower fixtures, but had kept their finish in a traditional  bright brass. That had to be kept in mind, too. We’ve talked about colors and materials, but for now, I’ll limit this conversation to shape and form. What works best in the space is a vanity with a softly curved front and a large single oval sink. (This is not a large master bath…) So far I’ve come up with 4 variations and a refinement based on a review of the options with the home owner. We’re now drilling down in to detail profiles, etc…

The first four images are of the initial vanity design studies.

Study #1

Study #2

Study #3

Study #4

This is the sketch based on the review meeting with the home owner. Much simpler, almost modern in appearance. I think what will pull it back from the edge will be the final selection of materials and finishes.

Study #5

This is a representative sample of  full scale detail profiles I’m looking at for the top and base of the vanity. In the detail to the left, I’ve superimposed two radius profiles to see which one feels best. I like the bigger profile.

I loved Study #1, feeling it gave a nod of it’s head to the Federal Period side board, as well as feeling lighter in scale – a plus for the room.  I’m confident that where we’re ending up will be a very successful solution because the form of the vanity and its details are so simple and clear.

The next challenge will be selecting materials that will express the vanity’s form. Probably a very clear straight grained wood for the vanity base and a very subtly veined and textured marble top. The sink should be pure china white and the faucet set should be brass, relating  to the shower hardware.

Happy Thanksgiving from Wilson Kelsey Design

A very happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all our clients, associates and our blog readers. We hope your holiday is full of good friends, family, delicious food and some good wine!

Here are some great ideas for setting a beautiful Thanksgiving table.  No need to stress if you don’t have your table setting planned out yet. Most of the items used for these tables can be found at your local market or right in your backyard. Celebrate the beauty of the season with fruits, dried flowers and small gourds and pumpkins.


Photo credit Martha Stewart

Photo credit HGTV


Photo credit Eddie Ross


Photo credit Martha Stewart

The Approach Entry Sequence, Part 3: The Foyer

Finally there’s the foyer, the forgotten room. More and more, it seems we enter our home through the garage or a side door. Floor plans are becoming more open. (And over the years much bigger.) Where has the celebration of arrival gone?

Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but I like foyers. I like the celebration of Arrival! I like a place where one can pause, take a deep breath and say to oneself, “I’m home”. Or as a guest, being able to step into a room that is intimate and comfortable, where I can pause, look round and get my bearings before moving on. I love being teased with a glimpse into an adjacent room or the center hall. It’s so much more fun!

Photo from Rooms - Creating Luxurious, Liveable Spaces by Mariette Himes Gomez

2009 Architectural Digest: Robert Stern, Architect; Victoria Hagan Interiors, Interior Design

November 2010 Veranda: Gil Schafer, Architect; Miles Redd, Interior Decorator

November 2010 Veranda: Gil Schafer, Architect; MIles Redd, Interior Decorator

John Kelsey and Sally Wilson

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