In this issue we find a kitchen Sally and I designed for a couple who moved from Boston to Newburyport to raise their family. They wanted the kitchen to express the energy of their former urban home and environment while respecting the architecture of  the 1920′s Colonial home they had purchased.


Here’s what we saw the first day we met our client – a rather quaint and dated “country” style kitchen.


And the after…

Enjoy the article!


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Over the weekend, Sally and I learned that Trends magazine included the kitchen we designed as part of a larger renovation of a classical 1804 Federal Period home in their Top 50 American Kitchens 2013/2014.

The renovated home.

The Trends article can be read here

A blog post I wrote in June on the home can be found here.

For contrast, the kitchen space the day our client took possession of the house.


A few other before/after images.

All the mantels were buried in the garage. We had to figure out which went where.

The front parlor.

The dining room, before/after.

I did not realize that it had been three months since I posted. Guess that’s what flat out 7 days a week will do to your blogging routine some times.



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During these December Holidays, Sally and I wish you all long restful nights, good reading, soulful music and the company, companionship and laughter of good friends and family.

See you on the flip side!

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